Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Generac -- September 19-21, 2014, Newport News, VA

It was my pleasure to work on behalf of Generac, America's leading manufacturer of standby generators, at Home Depot the weekend of September 19 through September 21, 2014. This event was the first of a three-part series educating consumers about their options for installing a standby generator in their home in the event of a power outage. As the sole on-site staff member I was responsible for executing the event and generating leads that would be passed on to the consultants at Home Depot.

This event required a little resourcefulness on my behalf because of a shipping delay in receiving our promotional materials. In the absence of brochures I brought my personal iPad to highlight the product information on the Home Depot website. You can catch me executing this event again in early November 2014. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

GradImages -- September 2014, Norfolk, VA

On September 17, I completed a three-day promo for GradImages, a professional photography business that provides cap & gown portraits and graduation ceremony photography for graduating college students. This promotion took place at the Old Dominion University Fall 2014 Graduation Fair.

Responsibilities for this promo included assisting participants with putting on their cap and gown, providing customers with follow-up information, and maintaining the line so that waiting students could be served in a timely fashion. This event required a thorough attention to detail to make sure that students were photographed in the correct regalia corresponding to their major and degree. I had a great time working with GradImages and hope to work with them again soon!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Toynk.com -- September 2014, Richmond, VA

I love conventions! On September 14th, I was hired to work the plushy wall at the Toynk.com booth at Richmond's Wizard World Comic-Con. Toynk.com is an online toy store selling memorabilia, costumes, and collectibles from anime, television, and movies. I wore my Sheik costume from the Legend of Zelda and had a great time. Thanks, Toynk.com!

Our booth
Carmen Sandiego
Merida from Disney's Brave

Stormtrooper Dad and Darth Vader Baby

Steampunk Girl
Lex Luthor, Superman, and Scarecrow
Zelda fans unite!
Baby Leia and Sleepy Yoda 
Elsa from Disney's Frozen and Supergirl
Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones

Flash and Thor

Duties for this promotion included interacting with consumers, assisting with crowd control, monitoring the booth for loss prevention, and tear-down of the booth at the conclusion of the event. I love interacting with the fans at these events and can't wait to work another one soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snuggbuds -- August 2014, Virginia Beach, VA

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Fitness Expo at the 2014 Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on behalf of Snuggbuds, a California-based company that sells earbuds for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. During this two-day event, we served to educate consumers about the product, conduct demonstrations, and encourage attendees to purchase their own sets of Snuggbuds. For more information on the brand, you can check out the Snuggbuds website at http://www.snuggbuds.com.

My younger brother Brett also worked as a brand ambassador for this event. It was his first time working as a BA and he did great!

I loved the excitement of the runners and supporters at this event. A big thank-you to Snuggbuds for providing us with such a fun opportunity. See you next year!