Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GoGame -- October 15, 2014, Richmond, VA

On October 15th, I thoroughly enjoyed working as local talent for the Go Game, a company that designs corporate team-building events that serve as real-world scavenger hunts played on smartphones. The Go Game hires local actors to serve as real-life plants in the game. I played a snooty art critic that grilled teams on an art piece they brought for my consideration in exchange for a password they needed to advance in the game. 

Team entry: Glenda's magic wand from the Wizard of Oz, metal pole with latex balloon, 2014

Team entry: commentary on ecology in the face of urbanization, plastic bag with leaves and branches, 2014

Team entry: Marilyn Monroe's Starbucks cup, permanent marker and lipstick on paper cup, 2014

Team entry: Found art commentary on commercialization, plastic cup, 2014

Team entry: Asian influence on local architecture, chopsticks and spray paint on brick, 2014

I recruited my friend Will to work this promotion with me; he had a great time playing a depressed coffee-shop patron who tested teams on their ability to make him laugh. Despite the rainy weather, all of the teams playing seemed to enjoy the interactive challenges presented by the game. For more information on the Go Game, visit their website at

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