Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LEGO KidsFest -- October 4-5, 2014, Richmond, VA

I love working with kids so I thoroughly enjoyed serving as event staff at the Lego KidsFest in Richmond, VA. This two-day event was a chance for kids, families, and Lego enthusiasts to play with Lego products and bond over expressing their creativity and fostering their engineering skills and imagination.

 I worked with one other BA to staff the Duplo section, Lego's brand offering featuring larger blocks aimed at small children.

 Attendees waiting to enter the convention center. It was a busy event!

Star Wars' C3PO
The "Big Brick Pile" full of Legos. The pile was about as big as my living room!
The monochrome Lego building station
Disney's Toy Story's Woody & Buzz

Kids were allowed to build and play with the blocks that were piled on the floor.

Disney's Cinderella
Our Duplo brick pile, featuring regular Duplo bricks and Disney Princess-themed bricks in the back

Our primary responsibilities for this event were ensuring safety on the festival floor, assisting kids and families with locating pieces, and resetting the station at the end of the first five-hour session to prepare for the second influx of visitors. After refilling the bins on the tables, we piled the rest of the Legos on the floor using snow shovels. It was a blast! For more information, check out Lego KidsFest at http://legokidsfest.com.

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